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Q&A with the Prolific Artist, Adom

New York-based musician Adom has taken his career from writing and producing for other artists to crafting his signature sound. The multi-instrumentalist’s career started at an early age writing songs for BOSTON, one of the top-selling rock bands with over thirty million records sold. He became a member of the group in 2000 and headlined back to back tours with the band.

When did the single “Fame” drop?

March 25th.

Did you executive produce the single?

I perform, produce, engineer, and mix the music.

Who did you feature on the single?

Just myself.

Where was the single “Fame” recorded?

I recorded it in three different studios, Utica, Rochester, and the Adirondacks. It was one heck of a journey!

What does the single mean to you?

It has a combination of many Personal feelings of my own. During the recording process, I had lost a few people in my life that were a part of the track.

One person in particular never had the chance to hear about the finished product or its success. We can’t ever take anything for granted in life and have to cherish every day we wake up and have our coffee. It is truly a blessing.

How did your fans receive it?

I hope the older fans appreciate the direction, and I know the new fans will love it! I believe the fans received the new Fame music video very well because the last video was animated, and I was not in it. Fame was filmed with a Panasonic S1H and Zeiss superspeed Len’s and had a cinematic vibe we wanted to capture. I am pleased with the final product.

Why did you name the single “Fame?”

Inspiration came from actual events that I faced after touring and becoming successful as a musician. You lose yourself sometimes in the fantasy of Fame and forget what is most important to us in life. We all must stay grounded through the good and bad times.

What producers have you worked with within your career?

I work with Phil Green and Lennie Petze. Phil is a longtime veteran in this business and has mixed some of the biggest names, from New Kids on the Block to Peter Wolf. Lennie is the former A&R of Epic snd Portrait Records. He has unique ears and is a legend in the business.

Adom’s social handles:

Instagram – @adomcloud
YouTube – @adomcloud

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