Monday, May 27, 2024

UNFOWND MUSIK is Making Moves

UNFOWND MUSIK is a record label based out of Atlanta, Georgia, run by twin brothers Justin and Jason La Ferla. They both played Division One basketball at the University of Ohio, afterward transitioning to working in the promotions department for Arista Records in New York City, whereafter they founded their own artist management company called 2WINZ Entertainment in Atlanta. These twin brothers are constantly working to build on their success and build their brands. They also created a successful water filtration company called Avalon Water which was sold to a publicly traded company for millions of dollars.

UNFOWND MUSIK is a carefully selected Spotify playlist consisting of songs and artists that are hand-picked, not just some random playlist that they play. The brothers constantly spend time researching and listening to new music in order to keep their playlist up to date with the hottest new tracks, because a boring playlist means listeners will look elsewhere. The playlist they have created has put people on to artists like The Weeknd, Odesza, and A. Chal, among others. Bottom line is, that the playlist compiled by these twin brothers is bound to put you on to the next big artists in music, with their track record speaking for itself. Do yourself and your music taste a favor and head over to UNFOWND MUSIK’s social media to see what they and their playlist are all about. It’s bound to put you on.

Check them out on Instagram and their playlist out on Spotify. Don’t miss out any longer!

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