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Robin Kadir: Sweden’s Hottest Upcoming Hip-Hop Producer

Robin Kadir is a Swedish musical artist who has whipped up a buzz about himself for his multifaceted creative endeavors. DJing for audiences of thousands, producing gold-selling records and even directing the occasional award-winning music video, Kadir is rapidly becoming known as one of the more promising young acts in his field. 

Kadir first broke himself into the scene as a DJ. What started out semi-professional turned into a full-time career which would see Kadir touring all over Sweden and playing at several major music festivals, including Boston Calling and Lollapalooza Stockholm. 

After making a name for himself throughout the country as an upcoming Swedish DJ, Kadir decided to broaden his approach when the pandemic hit. Though he had always been interested in music production, the shutdown of live shows inspired Kadir to put his full weight behind it, flying out to Dubai to develop his sound. It was there he produced Sanka, a collaboration with fellow Swedish artists JireelMacky, and A36, which has since racked up millions of streams and sold gold within Sweden. 

This is just the third single on Kadir’s Spotify, though he says there’s much more to come – previously focused solely on his DJing, he’s now excited to show the full breadth of his talents, working on a full-length album with a 2022 release. Kadir plans to jam with English and even Kurdish speaking artists in addition to his Swedish collaborators, adding diversity to his already international sound. 

Although he’s branching out into production, Kadir has no plans on giving up live shows anytime soon. Currently a resident DJ at Spy bar, Stockholm’s most exclusive nightclub, Kadir has plans to get back on the road both within Sweden and around the globe, citing his love for the energy of a live audience. And with restrictions opening up it’s a love he’ll get to experience again very soon.

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