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RV Living: 12 Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Adventures

The world is your oyster. This is a statement that’s often said but not fully enjoyed. Most people don’t ever get the chance to see everything that nature and the world around you have to offer. 

Eleticing to throw the towel in on typical day-to-day life, many people are opting to try RV living. Owning an RV is the gateway for many adventures and the beginning of exploring the world around you. For those who have been thinking about making the jump with the big purchase, it’s time to do so. 

Ready to get behind the wheel and take off? Let’s go over a couple of tips to make sure your next stage of life is the best one yet. 

1. Choose Your Vehicle Wisely

Those individuals who are just getting started with RV life don’t always know what to expect when they choose their first vehicle. Purchasing an option that is too small or too large happens frequently. Getting started with an RV can seem overwhelming with even the smallest of decisions, like how much room you really need. 

Taking your options seriously and really considering how much space you and your family need is an asset. Decide what you want your time in the space to look like, what do you need for sleeping quarters? These types of questions will help you to decide on how to buy an RV. 

These recreational vehicles have plenty of options to choose from. Check out the tiffin motorhomes for sale here to get started. 

2. Podcast Preparation Positive

Experience is always key and listening to those who have experience can be an asset to you. Taking the time to listen to those who have traded in their RV and made successful getaways will provide you with insight. Familiarize yourself with popular podcasts of individuals and families who know what they’re talking about. 

Different podcasts will give you different insights. These individuals with experience are able to give you the nitty gritty and secrets about what you should be looking out for. 

Not to mention, individuals with experience will also be able to give you ideas on where to go, insider tips, and information that only others who have taken this adventure can provide. Pick up podcasts to listen to in your spare time for raw information that will help you with your RV decisions. 

3. Keep Regular Maintenance

RV maintenance is the equivalent of doing routine maintenance to your home. Keeping up to date with all oil changes and everything else that might be of question needs to be a priority. Do not skip any appointments or any other situations that may come into question. 

Be sure to have a reliable mechanic at home that can give your RV the routine maintenance that it needs. If you are in a different state, keep an eye on the garages and locations around you in the event that an emergency occurs and you need further assistance. 

Owning an RV isn’t always the cheapest option. You have to be ready to take care of any damages and complications that may arise. 

4. Be Prepared to Stop for Showers

Hygiene is still important and not as easy as simply walking into your bathroom to shower. When you’re on the road, you will want to look for locations that offer shower spaces for a price. Taking time to pull into a luxury gym that offers showers may be one of your best options. 

Keep in mind that RVs don’t come with your typical home amenities. Paying to shower is one of those areas that you’re going to need to figure out while you’re on the go. 

Many campgrounds and RV parks have spaces where their clients can shower or offer water hookups. In other cases, you may have to pay the price that many truckers do for showering amenities. Most of the time truck stops have luxury shower centers that are a bit bigger than your claustrophobic RV cabin. 

5. Healthy Snacking Saves Expenses

You may not even consider the amount of money you’re going to be spending every time you stop to fill up for gas if you don’t have plenty of food and snacks put away in your cupboards. When living in an RV and making stops for gas and other provincials you’re always surrounded by gas station amenities which include too many junky types of food options. 

Having your pantry stocked will help you save money in the long run. Plus, the food that you store is great in the case of an emergency or just when you’re trying to eat a bit healthier on the go. 

6. Cards Aren’t Always an Option

We’ve grown so used to always having an option for credit and debit that carrying cash sounds like a foreign concept. When you’re on the road having cash should be a consistent option. You never know when cards aren’t going to be an accepted form of payment. 

Be sure to have at minimum the cost of tolls or a couple of gallons of gas in case of an emergency at all times. Planning ahead and looking into your route is a great way to know what you can expect through parts of your trip. 

7. Understand What Boondocking Is

Boondocking is a term that many people who are green to RV life don’t understand. In simple terms, boondocking means to sleep for the night in a rest stop or gas station. In these cases, you have no hookups to electricity for the night.

For many people, this is not the most comfortable way of spending a night, when you’re traveling in an RV, parks aren’t always accessible. When boondocking you will want to have external batteries to charge items like your cell phone and other emergency electrical needs.  

8. Use Public Transportation to Get Places

When traveling in big cities, your RV is not the most compact method of transportation. If public transportation is an option, it is a means that you should always strive to get around by. While it won’t save you money, it’ll save you from having to find available spaces to park your RV in public places. 

Many cities have transportation such a public buses and trains that can be purchased for the day or month depending on how long you intend on staying put. Always look to see what public transportation availability is. 

9. Keep Your RV Insured

Of course, this one is a given and the rules of insuring vehicles should always be maintained in accordance with the state you reside in. In this case, your RV is also your home. Having all of the needed and possible insurance on it is going t benefit you in the event of a breakdown, accident, or break-in. 

Find the policy that allows you to be the safest in the event that an emergency takes place. 

10. Plan Your Locations Ahead

While RV living is about road trips and adventure, you still want to have general knowledge in regard to where you’re going and the activities around in those locations. Look before you go to new places what is offered; if there are places you can park, and how easy it will be to get to and from your location. 

Planning ahead of time leaves you plenty of room for budgeting. Always try to build a generalized schedule of events for your trips and locations ahead of time. 

Not to mention, planning trips and locations can be an asset to your mental health

11. Remember to Refill Your Propane

Do your best to monitor your propane and how long it lasts on average. The last thing you want to do is get ready to cook for the night to find out that you can’t. It may take some time to learn how many meals you can get out of one tank of propane. 

The good thing about this is that many locations offer propane refills for decent prices. Always moderate how much you’re using and how long your tank lasts you so that you don’t have any last moment problems with your already busy schedule. 

12. Don’t Take Everything You Own

Finally, one of the things you will learn as you begin your grand adventure is that you don’t need everything that you do in a house. While there are plenty of items that need to come along with you, many things can be downsized. Overpacking will only pose problems and give you no space inside of your smaller dwelling. 

Do your best to decide what is essential and what can be left behind. The fewer items you can get away with taking along, the better you will feel about your space. 

RV Living Is the Start of Adventure

Taking off on the open road and beginning the trip of a lifetime is one of the reasons that many people choose RV living. Be prepared for everything that a life of adventure might have in store for you. Following these suggestions will help you to be ready to begin your next big journey.  Looking for more advice on traveling? Or perhaps there’s another topic that has been on your mind, take a look through our articles and find the subject that stands out the most to you.

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