Ashwin Seegobin aka Smash Back Again With Fresh New Song “Lockdown”

After completing his degree in animation, Ashwin Seegobin, aka Smash, decided that was no longer the route that he wanted to go down in terms of his career. When he was introduced to music production and engineering, his life was forever changed for the better. With the recent release of a fresh new single titled “Lockdown,” the potential is limitless for Smash.

Lockdown” is a song that sets the vibe off the rip. With an upbeat tempo from Smash and melodic vocals of Krishane, this song is an all-around banger that needs to be added to everyone’s playlist.

Lockdown” is the latest installment from Smash and builds anticipation for what’s to come in the future.

Stream Smash’s “Lockdown” on Spotify here.

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Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner is a journalist and public relations specialist.

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