Monday, May 27, 2024

Zach Harnish is An Inspiration

Zach Harnish is a 22-year-old videographer and photographer who is based out of a small town in Connecticut called Terryville. He has had a passion for working with videos and photos since high school and decided to make this passion his career. Being able to do something you love as a career is such a privilege that Zach does not take for granted. Every day he works to better his skills and become the best person and teammate he can be. He started going back to the gym and reading more to help get both his physical and mental health the best it can be. He works with the collective FourShadow where he works with his team to help entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, brands, and companies rebrand themselves and reinvent their online presence to help them make themselves more marketable. Zach spends 5-6 hours each day working with his team to knock out as much content as they can as well as practice his craft. Some days he will even spend a whole day doing a shoot with a client and other days he and his team are at their computers the whole day reaching out to clients or editing content. He appreciates that each day is different but amazing at the same time. That his days can be complete opposites from day to day but always involve something he loves to do. FourShadow and Zach have a lot of big plans working with bigger influencers and making more in-depth projects that they are excited to share with their audience.

Find Zach Harnish on Instagram here.

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