Dell G Uses Early 90’s Hip Hop Influences To Inspire His Music

The 90’s arguably were some of the best times for Hip Hop and are still loved by many today. Atlanta based rapper Dell G, is an artist who has taken root of this era and brings forth hints of this style in his current music.

In a recent interview, Dell G was asked why he started music and he stated, “With the early 90’s Hip Hop influences, I started music to bring good influence to others.” The ATL local is someone who has always wanted to bring positivity through his music. An example of this is his latest album, “Niners Forever” which is a 10 track Hip hop and R&B infused album. On this project, Dell G raps about the San Francisco 49ers. The album is a high energy and motivational project that aims to hype up any 49er fan who listens.

While many rap about gang violence, drugs, and woman abuse, Dell G keeps it positive. He aims to create music that motivates like the music did back in the 90s. Make sure to keep an eye out for Dell G and the influence he spreads on hip hop culture.

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