Monday, May 27, 2024

Grace The Martyr Releases His Latest Project “.38 Special”

Only a few times in a generation does the world stumble across artists whose work defies all time and space. Grace The Martyr is one of those artists, as his latest project, “.38 Special,” serves as a time capsule for the current state of the world and hip hop in relation. The three-track EP is beautifully constructed and well thought out, delivering in four well spent minutes a message that would take a lesser talented emcee 40 minutes to convey.

No words are lost with Grace The Martyr, as the Atlanta-based artist carefully selects each line after the other in a genius sequence. All three songs play seamlessly to create one short but powerfully original body of work. You can find Grace The Martyr’s latest release on Spotify below.

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.38 Special:

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