Saturday, July 13, 2024

Orchestrate96 Looks To Put His Stamp On The Industry With Album Money Baby

A day in the life of Orchestrate96, a rapper, and producer from Houston, TX, is a busy one. The challenges of balancing a career and college can threaten the momentum of any artist, yet he has managed to build a following and continue to release new projects while finishing up school. He spoke about his life and his upcoming album in a recent interview. He related, “To be in my shoes, the only attribute you must possess is the ability to stunt like me. But for real, all you need is proper time management. Make time for work, writing, and performing songs, friends, school, and loved ones.” Determination and drive, coupled with talent, have allowed Orchestrate96 to get to the point he is today. He recently announced the title of his second long-play album, Money Baby. It is aimed at “inspiring others to pursue their goals and aspirations” and commemorating his long-term goal of building generational wealth. The release date is yet to be announced for Money Baby.

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