Vegyn Releases New EP “Like a Good Old Friend”

How times have changed since we last received a new project from London producer Joe Thornally, aka Vegyn. The world was in a much different place when he released his debut studio album Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds, and so was Vegyn himself. At the end of 2020, the UK club DJ and producer for artists like Frank Ocean and JPEGMAFIA found himself moving across the Atlantic Ocean to live in Los Angeles. After learning to adjust to a different life in America and diving into the world of tarot, Vegyn has returned with his newest project, Like a Good Old Friend – EP.

In February of 2021, Vegyn announced the upcoming project and shared its lead single “I See You Sometimes” featuring fellow UK artist Jeshi, who Vegyn had collaborated with before on his 2019 album. As a whole project, Like a Good Old Friend, brings something new to the genre of experimental dance music. The project is highlighted by the track “B4 the Computer Crash.” A song with wailing synthesizers and a classic club beat, “B4 the Computer Crash” is irresistibly danceable.

The project also features more relaxed tracks, that still encourage you to move your feet. One of these is the curiously charming title track, “Like a Good Old Friend.” London artist John Glacier also appears on the project, as she adds vocals to the track “So Much Time – So Little Time.”

Like a Good Old Friend is out now via Plz Make It Ruins. Watch the music video for “B4 the Computer Crash” below.

John Lyberg
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