William Tyler and Marisa Anderson Join Forces for New Album “Lost Futures”

Nashville new-age instrumentalist William Tyler and Portland-based guitarist and composer Marisa Anderson have announced the release date for their newest album “Lost Futures.” The album is set for release on August 27th of 2021 via Thrill Jockey Records. Both impressive instrumentalists with critically acclaimed histories and distinctive voices, Anderson and Tyler are already displaying what they are capable of in tandem with the album’s first single, the title track “Lost Futures.”

A statement from Thrill Jockey released with the album’s announcement shares the first meeting of William Tyler and Marisa Anderson that led to the making of “Lost Futures.”

“The kindred musicians first collaborated in the days following a Portland show commemorating the life of the late David Berman.” Soon after this concert, the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world. The statement continues, “With tours sidelined and the increasing tensions of isolation, unrest and ecological disaster looming, the duo set to composing and collaborating remotely. Tyler joined Anderson in Portland for a week before recording as protests across the city escalated and raging wildfires cast a dangerous haze. Against the tumultuous backdrop the duo found harmony in their quick, organic development as a compositional team. Rich ballads and breezy rambles flourished as the duo explored new rhythmic techniques and elaborated on unused riffs.”

Marisa Anderson released her last album, “The Quickening,” with Jim White in 2020. Her last solo album came in the form of 2018’s Cloud Corner. For William Tyler, the Nashville artist had a busy 2020, in which he released his latest record, New Vanitas, and also completed the score for the A24 film First Cow.

While it may have not been on many people’s radars, this collaboration between Anderson and Tyler feels like a no-brainer and simply seeing their names billed together stirs up excitement.

“Lost Futures” is set to be released on August 27th via Thrill Jockey. Listen to the album’s title track below.


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