How Rising Hip Hop Artist Mari Baby Is Using Instagram Lives To Boost His Career

New York based hip hop artist Mari Baby has been on the rise since his 2018 streaming debut with his single “Range Rover”. The rising talent has been played over a hundred thousand times on Spotify alone.

Mari Baby’s path to greatness hasn’t always been smooth. Growing up he was reportedly bullied often, never being one of the smartest in the room. But Mari knew all he could do was make the most out of what he had. So he began making music to release the negative energy inside him and started using it as an outlet to inspire others. compress image 7 scaled 1
Pictured: Mari Baby

Mari’s current hustle to gain exposure and win over fans is a battle that often takes place on his Instagram lives. Each live Mari looks to switch up the content and interact with his supporters in a more personal one on one setting.

Mari is currently working on new music which set to drop soon. We should see some new releases before the end of the year. He shared a snippet of an unreleased track on his Instagram. Check it out below:

You can listen to Mari Baby on Spotify below:

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