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Collectability – Making Watch Collecting More Transparent

The watch industry has witnessed remarkable success and growth over the centuries thanks to its ability to stay ahead of the curve and continuously innovate. From the introduction of brass and stainless steel to the development of quartz movements and digital displays, the industry has continued to develop and refine its products to meet the needs of the modern consumer. Additionally, the increasing demand for luxury watches and the desire for personalization has allowed the industry to capture new markets, while the emergence of smartwatches has been a major driving force in recent years. This has enabled the watch industry to become one of the most successful and resilient industries in the world.

Watches have long been considered valuable items and thus, people have been collecting and selling watches for centuries. The practice has become increasingly popular over the last few decades, as people have become more interested in buying vintage watches, as well as modern and limited-edition models. The internet has also made the practice easier, enabling watch collectors to easily connect and purchase watches from around the world. Additionally, the emergence of watch forums and clubs has allowed watch enthusiasts to discuss and share their collecting experiences. As a result, watch collecting and selling have become increasingly popular activities among watch lovers.

However, in recent years, people have become more cautious when it comes to buying watches, as they are now more aware of the potential risks involved. As a result, many are turning to online YouTube channels to educate themselves and make informed decisions when it comes to buying watches. These channels provide detailed reviews on different watch models and offer advice on the best watch for a particular budget or style. Additionally, many of these channels are hosted by watch experts, who offer invaluable advice on how to buy and maintain a watch, as well as provide tips on how to spot a fake watch. This has helped ensure that people are making informed and wise decisions when it comes to buying watches. This is what a company named Collectability has also been doing since its inception.

Collectability is an online vintage watch retailer based in New Jersey that specializes in Patek Philippe watches. Founded by John Reardon, a renowned Patek Philippe expert, and horological historian, Collectability provides its clients with an unparalleled opportunity to purchase and sell these exquisite Swiss luxury watches, as well as to learn more about the history and culture of the brand.

At Collectability, the team is passionate about providing watch collectors and dealers with the expertise and resources needed to make informed decisions when buying or selling vintage and pre-owned Patek Philippe watches. Their mission is to make the process of buying and selling watches transparent and enjoyable.

John Reardon and Tania Edwards founded Collectability in August 2019 to provide customers with unique and quality watches. With Reardon and Edwards’ expertise in the watch industry, especially when it comes to Patek Philippe, they are able to bring the best watches for their customers. After a celebrated career at both Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses, John Reardon launched Collectability. Reardon is one of the leading experts on Patek Philippe and has published three books about the renowned watchmaker. Joining him is Tania Edwards, with 30 years of experience in the watch industry and most notably, the Henri Stern Agency (Patek Philippe USA) where she held the position of Marketing Director and Vice President. Additionally, Sabine Kegel, a watch specialist, is on board to help customers find the perfect timepiece in Europe. Based in New Jersey, United States of America, Collectability aims to make sure that customers find the watch of their dreams.

Over time, Collectability has become the go-to source for those looking to get their hands on a Patek Philippe watch. Not only do they buy and sell watches, but also provide expert advice for collectors. From the auction world to the primary market, Collectability educates and guides people on every detail of the watch, helping them make the best decision for their purchase. With a wealth of information available on the company’s website, it has become an exploration of all things horology. From the Community section, one can read interviews and discussions with Patek collectors, including Ed Sheeran. The Watches section narrates the stories of various references, while the Education section provides valuable insights and knowledge about watches.

Collectability has taken their passion for horology to the next level by creating a podcast, Instagram account, and a YouTube channel, as well as sponsoring the Horological Society of New York and participating in various auctions. Their mission is to share their knowledge and passion with the world and help horology enthusiasts of all levels build collections that they’ll enjoy for years to come. When it comes to making wise decisions when buying a watch, having the help of a professional is invaluable. Companies like Collectability have specialized in helping people make such decisions by offering them information and guidance on the mechanics, history, and value of different watch models.

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