HÆLOS Announces New Ambient EP “Somnum”

British trip-hop band HÆLOS spent 2020 creating and releasing a handful of stand-alone singles that acted as follow-ups to their 2019 album Any Random Kindness. Coming from the vein of the band’s usual sound, the singles “Unknown Melody,” “I’m There,” and “Hold On” were all impressive tracks keeping the band’s fans intrigued as the year progressed. However, the band has taken a sharp right turn with their newest EP Somnum, an ambient project inspired by lack of sleep.

Set for release on April 9th via HÆLOS own Æ Records, Somnum definitely marks a step in a new direction for the band. In a statement about the trio’s newest project, Lotti Benardout said:

“Each of us has been struggling with sleep, albeit for different reasons. I’ve been traversing brand new cycles of Motherhood with my new baby boy, Daniel often working night hours engineering at a studio, and Dom has struggled with tinnitus for years. So, we were inspired to create an ambient record.

It’s a standalone piece of music that offered us the opportunity to do something different and we loved the process. It puts to bed an old chapter as we look to our third LP.”

HÆLOS released the project’s title track along with its announcement today. A 7-minute-long track, “Somnum” is an atmospheric, patient song, much different from the dark, agitated music HÆLOS had made their name with.

Pre-order Somnum here and listen to the project’s title track below.

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John Lyberg
John Lyberg
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